4 Years of Digital Oilfield Innovation!

This month we celebrate 4 years of our Digital Oilfield Innovation – RigER.

Michael Maltsev, founder and CEO described how he came to the product idea:

After 4 years of development RigER becomes digital oilfield platform with cloud and mobile applications.
RigER connects office and oilfield and office and allows to manage service and rentals anytime, anywhere!

We have extensive list of modules and features:

Oilfield Rentals: Rental Agreement, Delivery Ticket, Rental Invoice

Oilfield Service: MSA, FIeld Ticket, Work Ticket, Service Invoice

Dispatching: Oilfield Calandar, Dispatcher Dashboard and Job Gantt Chart

Asset Management: Groups, Units, Serial Numbers, Kits and Bundles

Detailed Realtime Reporting: Revenue Analysis, Units Avalability, etc

Integration with other software

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RigER Safety is Coming!

RigER is a leading oilfield rental platform and we keep improve our product.
We are adding new module with following documents:
Driver’s Daily Vehicle Inspection, Job Safety Analysis, Hot Work Permits, Near Miss Report.

Our clients suggested most of improvements and new features.
We would like to thank them and continue this conversation about new features, product customisation and oilfield rentals.

Thank you !

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