About RigER

RigER (Rig Equipment Rentals) is an oilfield operations management software for energy service companies.

From the first call to the final invoice, we make oilfield service and rentals operations simple to manage

With RigER you can create quote, rental agreement, service requests; manage and schedule jobs schedule,

monitor rental fleet and resources in the oilfield calendar, issue field tickets, delivery tickets,

with seriaispatch Jobs Quicker, Invoice Clients Faster, and Get Accurate Reports!

l numbers tracking; conduct performance analysis, and more.

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We started RigER as a project in 2012 from market research and product concept.
We found that most of the existing solutions were focused on oilfield service only and/or were very complex and expensive.
We took on this challenge as a great opportunity to build an affordable software solution for oilfield rentals.



Michael Maltsev, RigER Founder and CEO, has an extensive software development and energy service experience.
Before RigER, he served as CFO at an oilfield rentals company and has the inside knowledge of the Oil & Gas service and rentals needs.
ReRigER_Presentation_2016_05ad his interview in Calgary Herald: Start-up of the Week.

We develop RigER as affordable, customized and reliable solution for oilfield rental business.
Basic focus of our product is increasing operational performance and entire value of client’s business.


RigER utilizes a distributed team approach for fast development and efficient product support.


RigER Core Values are:

Safety – Personal, Team and our Clients’ Safety is our Top Priority

Integration – We Integrate with Leading Software Solutions helping our Clients to Avoid Double Entry

Custom Solutions – Our Clients Receive Only What They Need and Use

Paperless Enterprise – New Technologies and Eco-friendly Solutions – Faster Processing

Flexible Prices – Affordable Customization

We Treat our Clients as Our Partners – ROI, Cash Flow and Performance Focus!

We are Proud that our Solution Supports our Clients’ Business Growth

RigER is Growing Rapidly in Canada and USA.

RigER Mobile is the Next Step of Our Product Development.

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Connect Office and Oilfield with RigER Mobile


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