MOS Modular Case study

Deep Customization: RigER & Oilfield Manufacturing

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Client: MOS Modular
Operating Area: Western Canada
Equipment: Mobile Trailers
Product start version: 1.6
Users: 5+
Implementation time: 8 months


Sales Orders: Sales Agreements, Invoice, Shipment, Sales Reports
New Business Processes and Complex Document Flow
Integrated Manufacturing Resources Planning Solution
Purchase Orders: PO, Invoice, Bill of Lading, Purchase Reports
Manufacturing: Work Order, Specification, Production Schedule,
Manufacturing Reports
Rental Agreement, Delivery Ticket and Rental Invoice
Banking: Credit Card, Cheque, Bank Reconciliation
Accounting: General Ledger, Journal Entry, Account Receivable,
Accounts Payable, Accounting and Financial Reports
Upload and Store Attached Files
Email Integration


Highly Customized Solution


Integrated Manufacturing Resources Planning Solution
Accurate Cash Flow Forecast for next 3 months
Better Financial Planning and Control
Up-to-Date Production Schedule
Direct cost savings for first year was over 50K