TOG Systems Case study

RigER & Oilfield Telecommunications

Faced with the challenge to digitalize oilfield rentals and service operations, in the span of 5 years TOG Systems tried a number of IT solutions, none of which was able to fully satisfy the unique needs of the telecommunications services provider.

Meeting with the RigER team at a Global Petroleum Show in Calgary and seeing RigER in action renewed the interest of the TOG operations team. A few months later, this led to the successful collaboration, which resulted in a customized RigER Cloud solution that now supports TOG Systems operations providing effective document control, fast invoicing cycles, efficient equipment tracking and other benefits of Digital Oilfield Platform.

“Learning a new system is always a challenge, but the level of support and responsiveness of the RigER team made it easy for us. After several months of using the new system, we already see the benefits of tracking equipment in real time and now get our invoices out to our clients much faster … and with increased accuracy.” Tamara Fahlman, General Manager TOG Systems.


Client: TOG Systems
Operating Area: Western Canada
Equipment: Telecommunication and IT support businesses for Oil & Gas
Product start version: 4.2
Users: 7+
Implementation time: 6 weeks


Inventory management: Barcode Scanners, Wells/Sub locations, Rig Movement Note, Rental Period Breaks, Inter-company Transfers, Assemblies and Combo Units, Repairs and Maintenance

Sales: Order, Invoice, Shipment, Reports

Purchases: Order, Invoice, Bill of Lading, Reports

Invoicing: Batch Drilling, Invoicing by Wells

Safety: Hazard Assessment, Near Miss Report, Safety Checklists

Oilfield Rentals: Rental Agreement, Delivery Ticket and Rental Invoice, Subrental equipment

Price Management: Price List, Price Agreement by Divisions,

Accounting: QuickBooks integration

Special features: Upload and Store Attached Files, Email Integration, Rental Equipment on Maps


Unique specifications and attributes such as frequency, serial numbers, MAC numbers that require exact timestamps and geolocation tracking

Remote service locations

High standards of requirements from clients

24/7 operations during peak seasons 


Customizable software that “understands” the specifics of the Oil & Gas rental business

Fast implementation process with ability to make changes to the software to meet specific rental business needs of the telecom services

Personalization and customization with short development cycle to adjust to the needs of the growing and changing business

Track telecommunications equipment following oil rig movements, and

Invoice clients for batch drilling and track those invoices in the company’s billing system 

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