10 Reasons to Choose RigER!

What can be more important than Clients’ Testimonials?


It is October 10th (10/10), so the number 10 is on our minds at RigER. As such, today we are sharing 10 compelling reasons customers told us they bought RigER this year.


  1. “RigER helps us create order for our equipment tracking activities in one single software app and eliminate the chaos of Excel spreadsheets, white-board notes and paperwork.”– Dispatcher, Oilfield Service and Rental Company


  1. “We’ve replaced our complex and expensive ERP system with RigER. We now have 3 times more software users for 2 times less money. RigER is a very flexible product that we can customize for our needs.” – CFO, Chemical Equipment Rental Company


  1. “RigER lets us know the location of our dispersed assets at all times. We can share asset visibility for rental fleet with customers, which has been a HUGE differentiator in a highly competitive market.– Sales Manager, Energy Service Company


  1. “We now can analyze operational performance by running detailed revenue reports, real-time field calendar and dashboards. I have no regrets for purchasing and implementing RigER. I strongly believe that the software and Michael’s team is the very best and still have the personal touch that is very much lacking in the larger software companies.” – President, Oil and Gas Service Provider


  1. “We are optimizing utilization of tanks and generators, saving time and money by getting information in time. It’s very important in this day and age. – Operations Manager, Surface Equipment Rental Company


  1. RigER Mobile allows us to seamlessly track all our jobs in the field. Service hours, field tickets and safety records are synchronized in the cloud. This integrated experience is extremely convenient and priceless.”– Owner, Small Energy Service Firm


  1. “With RigER, we can invoice faster, easily verify rental days, rates, service provided, check clients’ individual invoice requirements, eliminate invoice discrepancies, and relieve stress between us and our clients.”– Controller, Oilfield Rental Company


  1. RigER’s Location Report produces an accurate gauge of the days an asset has been at a specific location, allowing us to perform inventory counts instantly and painlessly.” – Dispatcher, Waste Management Service Company


  1. “With smooth integration between RigER and QuickBooks, we are saving time and money through reduced manual labor.”– Accountant, Constriction Equipment Rental Company


And by far our favourite reason…


  1. “The entire RigER team – CEO, developers and customer support – has been nothing but friendly, service-oriented, and an absolute pleasure to work with. Their upbeat approach and smiles on their faces make my day!”– Sales Manager, Oilfield Equipment Manufacturer



We are certainly glad we make our customers’ day!
You can read more about how companies benefit from using RigER on our website page.
And if any of these 10 reasons or the case studies resonate with you, we’d love to talk. Contact us today!


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