RigER Customer Support Program

We include training and technical support with every sale. We strongly believe this is the key to a successful installation and wouldn’t do it any other way.
What you will be getting with RigER :

  • Top-quality Support
  • Configuration Updates
  • Reliable Advice
  • Helpful Customer Service
  • A Business Focusing Approach

Considering that critical business functions become damaged without proper technical support, we offer the support you need for success. We have knowledge and expertise with 20+ years of experience, and a passion and dedication to make our solution work for you. You will have peace of mind knowing that your IT system is fully supported by a global group of professionals that excel in system management and training.

Implementing a new ERP system is a major consideration. While the entire business process will change, a complete restructuring of departmental duties will take place and the key priority will be to train staff.

RigER provides its customers the best “behind the scenes” customer support services to ensure that your RigER application delivers maximum results and performance.

At RigER we understand our customers expect unwavering confidence in their software. We believe success starts and ends with customer satisfaction. That is why we only provide a premium level of support.

RigER provides direct phone, remote, and on-site support as required.

RgER Standard Business Hours – 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. MST, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays observed by RIgER.

Response – the total amount of time it takes RigER to respond to a request, calculated from the time a customer request arrives at RigER via phone call or email until:

  • the appropriate technician or administrator begins to address the request, and
  • an attempt is made to contact the customer with a status update if the problem was not addressed on the initial call.

Customer support issues shall be directed to the technical support desk. The technical support desk can be reached during RigER standard business hours via:

  • Telephone 403 918-5779, or
  • Email

For support needs outside of RigER Standard Business Hours, Customer should call

  • the primary consultant assigned (during implementation) or
  • backup direct message to Twitter account @riger_ca

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