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Making Oilfield Rentals Simple to Manage

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• Oilfield Rental Designed Software

• Affordable Deep Customization

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Oilfield Rental Software

Core Functionality


Rental Agreement and Quote

Rig Up and Rig Out Delivery Ticket

Inter-location Transfer

Rental Invoice


Rental Units Availability

Oilfield Jobs Gantt Chat

Rig Movement Note

Oilfield Calendar


General Price List

Customers Price Agreements

Service and Rental Fee Price Settings

Discount Rules Setup


Service Request and Job Dispatching

Job Safety Assessment Integration

Oilfield Service Invoice

Oilfield Service Report


Revenue Forecast and Analysis

Rental Fleet Utilization

Equipment Performance


Serial Numbers

Rental Units Types and Groups

Accessories, Attachments and Kits


Global and Local Settings

Currency Settings
Sales Tax Module and Reports

Printing Forms Settings


MS Outlook Email Integration

Import and Export Data from/to MS Excel

Major Accounting Software Integration


Equipment Maintenance Schedule

Sub-rent Equipment Operations

Full history of inventory tracking


Manage Oilfield Operations

RigER at GPS-2015

CALGARY, AB – July 9, 2015 – RigER was presenting the latest version 2.2 of innovative oilfield rental operations management software at the Global Petroleum Show (GPS) in Calgary.

The presentation of the product is part of the 2015 The Doghouse Pitch Competition (similar to Dragon’s Den).

RigER took part in the competition alongside 15 other oil and gas innovators.

View the blog post for details of RigER’s role in the competition and the Global Petroleum Show.


Are training and technical support included with RigER?

Yes. We include training and technical support with every sale. We strongly believe it is the key to successful implementation and we would not do it any other way.

How long will it take to get RigER setup and running?

RigER can be installed in under one hour assuming no existing hardware or network issues. Allocate between 1 to 4 hours of training per employee. Setup and implementation time varies depending on size of your organization.

How can I be sure RigER will work for my company?

The best way to know if RigER works for you is to take advantage of our free demonstration. We approach the demonstration differently than other software vendors. We do not just show you that it works (that is a given) we show you how it works for your particular business and the way you do things. We do customized demo based on your data.

Why RigER?

We respect uniqueness of your business. We provide affordable customized solutions. Our framework allows us to create an array of specially designed, unique platforms while delivering tailored solutions for all your business needs on time and on budget. If you prefer to build specific solution for your operations, we are with you every step of the way.

How RigER data is secured in the cloud?

RigER as a cloud platform consists of the following services and technologies: HTTP (HTTPS) Connection, Web Сlient, Mobile Сlient, Multitenance Support, SaaS.

There are two typical scenarios of using RigER cloud technologies: private cloud and public cloud (SaaS). Depending on your specific needs, we will use one of them.

What if RigER does not do something I need it to do?

RigER is highly configurable and very flexible product. We respect business processes of our clients and do custom enhancements for a nominal fee.



The cloud enables customers to reengineer their business processes as applications provide additional functionality, and completely removes the necessity to manage IT infrastructure.


An optimized web client and the low-speed connection mode ensure a comfortable user experience on mobile devices. RigER mobile client supports iOS and Android devices.


Security of your data in cloud is our number one priority. The cryptography feature allows RigER to perform cryptographic operations while processing your data.


RigER includes a set of tools that simplify the learning curve for beginners and ensure efficient work of advanced users. RigER improved usability reduces stress during prolonged work sessions.


RigER is highly scalable. It features file and client/server modes that provide various scalability options: from Personal Use (file mode) to Large Corporation (client/server and distributed database mode).


RigER is an open system. It provides options for integration with virtually any external software and hardware based on widely accepted open standards and data transfer protocols.


RigER utilizes subject-oriented rapid application development (RAD) environment. It includes built-in set of tools for rapid development, deployment, and support.


RigER based on 1C:Enterprise. It is an easy- to-use and powerful platform for creating and supporting applications. RigER uses Microsoft SQL Server database management system (DBMS).


The system of access rights allows you to specify sets of rights that correspond to employee positions or business activities. RigER rights structure is defined by customer requirements.


Get a sneak peek into RigER’s Manual and demo usage. We explore setting up rental agreements and quotes in the software and show you how to save time when managing oilfield rentals.