Getting Started with RigER: Pre-Implementation Preparation

CALGARY, Alberta (March 19, 2015) – RigER presents new download category Software Support: User Manual. We will prepare presentations and videos of RigER setup, configuration, usage, best practices and technical issues.


Getting Started with RigER is our first topic, and first presentation is about client internal preparation to implement RigER.

Our clients frequently ask questions how to start with RigER, what they need to prepare for RigER configuration. Based on our implementation experience we created following presentation – Getting Started with RigER: Pre-Implementation Preparation.


We respect uniqueness of your business and understand that it requires custom solution. RigER collaborates many areas of Rental Business: Sales, Safety, Fleet Management, Operations, Supply Chain, Accounting, Finance, and Performance Analysis.

We would like to study your business needs to configure RigER properly. Please prepare and provide following information for individual Configuration, Setup, and Import Data:

Rental Fleet

  • List of Rental Units
  • Fleet Structure (Groups, Types and Hierarchy)
  • Kits and Bundles
  • Serial Numbers
  • Sub-Rental Equipment
  • Vendors and Warranties
  • Service and Repair
  • Maintenance Cycles
  • Other Important Data (Weight, Dimensions, Color, Capacity, etc.)

Services and Products

  • List of Items
  • Purchase (PO, Invoice, Bill of Lading)
  • Contractors
  • Vendors and Warranties
  • Service Metrics
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Other Important Data

Prices and Taxes

  • Price Book
  • Price Agreements
  • Taxes Schemes
  • Sales Tax Brackets

Company Structure and Users

  • Logo
  • Departments
  • Locations: Shops, Yards, Storage, Trucks
  • Field Technicians List
  • Dispatchers / Operators List
  • Users: Names, Roles, and Rights

Clients and Contacts

  • List of Clients
    • Billing Address and Email
    • Accounting ID#
    • LSD / Well Names
  • Contacts
    • Name
    • Position
    • Phone
    • Email

Rental Operations

  • Service Request
  • Book-In and Reserve
  • Waiting List
  • Service Calls
  • Quota and Rental Agreement
  • Delivery Tickets / Field Tickets
  • Schedule and Pick Up List
  • Field Tech To-Do List
  • Reports to Clients
  • Invoicing Cycle

Import Data to RigER

  1. Download MS Excel Template
  2. Enter/Export Data to the Template and make Data File
  3. Upload Data File to RigER or send it to us
  4. Receive Ready to Go RigER Database


There are many good reasons for oilfield rental companies to consider software like RigER to replace spreadsheets.

Learn more about our solution for oil and gas industry.


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