New Release – RigER 7.0 Oklahoma

Let’s see what RigER 7.0 offers to boost your efficiency in more details.

User Role Matrix. It is important to understand and to be able to control what exactly can every user do and what documents access in the system. That is why we defined 5 different groups of roles in RigER and every group has a list of specific roles in it. The groups are: Sales, Operations, Purchases, HSE and Admin (see image below for details).

So, for example a Salesperson (role) can enter new Rental Service Agreements (RSA) and see only his or her RSAs and related documents. Only three menus will be available – Sales, Oilfield Rentals and General. This Salesperson can work only with RSAs and Sales Orders and only individual Sales and Price reports will be available for this particular person. Another great addition here is that now you will be able to assign particular functions to a particular person.

User Roles

Rental Units Reservation Module. This is a new Module which is optional and can be added by request. How it works? When you start a Rental Service Agreement and want to reserve a particular unit number you just need to generate a Reservation Note based on the RSA. This Reservation Note will change the status of this particular Unit number to “Reserved”. Than, when you have a Delivery ticket generated for this RSA, it will move this Unit number to “Deployed” or “Racked” Status depending on your settings. You can as well Unreserve the unit.

New Reports and Dashboards. With this release we have added a few new reports and Dashboards.

Reports added:

  • Gap Days Report: gathers all the information about the invoices on a selected time period and shows what days are missing, so you see all the days that were not invoiced;
  • Rental Brake Report: allows you to filter by different categories like client or location the rental unit or even the rental service agreement and see all rental brake notes that have been issued on that particular filter;
  • Morning Equipment Report: shows you periodically the statuses of your rental units and your actual fleet on a daily basis and you can see how much you have in stock, how much you have in break and how much you have deployed etc;
  • UN Workflow Control Report: shows the status change history for every single UN in the system alongside the documents that triggered that status change and the users who manipulated those documents.

New Dashboards: Kanban Job Dashboard; Oilfield Job Dashboard.

Other Enhancements:

Added: Repair Invoice
Added: Expense Claim
Improved: Inter Company Transfer
Added: Inventory Management Report
Added: Attribute Filter
Improved: You can now create Inspection Cards Templates for more types of documents
Added: Application close confirmation


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