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7 Ways to Boost Oilfield Rentals

Calgary, AB – RigER, an oilfield rental operations management software, presented at Global Petroleum Show 2014 #GPS14 on June 10-12, 2014. The presentation on topic 7 Ways to Boost Oilfield [...]

RigER in Calgary Herald

RigER featured in Calgary Herald as Startup of the Week. Michael Maltsev told about our product idea, first steps and RigER current focus. Calgary Herald May 15, 2014 If you’re in the oil and gas [...]

RigER website –

Calgary, AB – BelcaSoft is proud to announce RigER website launch. Product new website was launching today. Please check and learn more about our product – Product new website [...]

RigER at Calgary DemoCamp

Calgary, AB – RigER was presented at Calgary DemoCamp #26. Michael Maltsev, CEO of BelcaSoft made full demonstration of specialized software for Oil and Gas servicing companies – RigER v. [...]

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Version 3.0 - February 2016

RigER Mobile

Version 2.6 - January 2016

Oilfield Crews
Hourly Equipment Rentals
Rental Receipt
Daily Oilfield Jobs Reports
Revenue Analysis
Oilfield Rentals KPI
Other Improvements

Version 2.5 - December 2015

Sub-Rent: Subrental Agreement and Ticket
Sub-Rent: Subrental Days and ROI
Rental Break Note
Serial Number Status
US Sales Tax Import

Version 2.4 - October 2015

Rental Equipment Maintenance
Rental Units without Serial Numbers
Serial Number Card
External Printing Forms
Other Improvements

Version 2.3 - August 2014

Service Delivery Ticket / Field Ticket
Item Card and Serial Number Color
Assembly List and Rental Unit Kit
Invoice Requirements Control
Rental Invoice Taxes
Other Improvements

Version 2.2 - May 2015

Field Technicians Calendar
Gantt Chart
Oilfield Service Report
Other Improvements

Version 2.1 - December 2014

Upgraded Powerful Reports
Upgraded Rental Operations Dashboard

Version 2.0 - October 2014

New Design
Better User Experience
US Localization
New Document: Rental Agreement
All-in-One Solution: New Modules
QuickBooks Integration

Version 1.8 - May 2014

New Documents
Dispatch Dashboard
Cloud Version


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Oilfield Rentals Directory

The Oilfield Rentals Directory is our special initiative to support oil and gas rental business. We are in the midst of building our own Oilfield Rentals Directory to help companies find the best support services for their business.

The market situation today requires many changes from Oil and Gas Industry: cost effective solutions, fast processing operations, high quality decision making. In the current circumstances, the focus should be on sales and marketing. .

We are here to help! Our Oilfield Rentals Directory will be free for  all rental companies. Our goal is to increase marketing and advertising activities, boosting visibility, and improve online presence

RigER – Boost Oilfield Rentals!