RigER is introducing the Oilfield Rentals Directory

Oilfield Rentals DirectoryRigER is introducing the Oilfield Rentals Directory/Our new initiative to support the oilfield rentals community!

The market situation today requires many changes from the oil and gas industry such as cost effective solutions, fast processing operations, and high quality decision making. In economic downturn circumstances, the focus should be on sales and marketing. Oilfield rental companies should increase marketing and advertising activities to boost visibility and online presence.
We are here to help! The Oilfield Rentals Directory is free for rental companies.

We used information from the following public sources: Petroleum Industry Associations, online directories and catalogs, printed materials, corporate websites, oilfield rentals groups on LinkedIn.

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Oilfield Rentals Directory Version: 1.0  Last Update: June 16, 2017

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10K RentalsGrande Prairie, ABCAN, USAStorage Tanks, Line Heaters, Double Drop Manifolds, Junk/Debris Catchers, Pipe Skids, Flare Stacks, ESD Valves, DSA’s, Crossovers, Choke Components, Wellhead Chokes
3D Drilling ToolsEdmonton, ABABGrant Heads, Adapter Spools, Flanges, Blooey-Line, Wireline Retrievable Floats, Portable Heaters, Flow Line Adapters, Elevators, Tongs and Slips, Pipe Tubs, Test Plugs, Drill Pipes, Collars – Monel, Mud Savers, Reamers, Key Seat Wipers, Hole Openers
A1 Rent-AllsRegina, SKCANAerial Work Platforms, Air Conditioners/Dehumidifiers/Filters, Air Equipment, Augers, Compactors, Concrete, Conveyors, Drywall, Excavators, Floor Scrubbers and Scrapers, Forklifts and Telehandlers, Generators, Heaters, Jackhammers and Hammerdrills, Ladders
Accede EnergyBlackfalds, ABCANCell Boosters, Cement Bins, Communication Towers, Communications Data Hub, Chemical Storage Units, Diesel Wash Guns, Dual Generator Units, Enviro Combo Units, Enviro Invert Vacuum Systems,   Environment Rig Bins, Flare Tanks, Flock Tanks, Flygt and Trash Pumps, Frac Manifolds, Fuel Tanks Skids, Generators, Invert Equipment Units, Jumbo Jet Combo Units, Light Towers, Mix and Match Combo Skids, Office Trailers, Pipe Racks, Power Plant Storage Units, Power Splitters, Rig Mats, Shale Bins, Stadium Light Tower Extreme Duty, Trailer Combo Unit, Transformers, Wireless Rig Phone Systems
Adrenaline Energy ServicesGrande Prairie, ABAB, BCBoilers, Vapour Phasing, Well Site Trailers, Material Packages for Fracking from 3-120 400 bbl Tank Farms, Manifolds and Customer Built Headers, Gensets, Portable Boiler, Light Towers, Frac Fluid Heaters
Advantage Valve MaintenanceGrande Prairie, ABCANValves and Manifolds Systems
Aero Rental ServiceRed Deer, ABCAN, USASurface Pressure Control, Choke Manifolds, electric-over-hydraulic Power Swivels, Frac Head, Coil Tubing Equipment & accessories
Alberta Oilfield RentalsRocky View, ABAB, BCRig Mats, Swamp Mats, Mud Mats, Trash & Flygt Pumps, Wheel Loaders, Light Towers & Generators, Floc Tanks, 400 BBL Holding Tanks, Wheeled Office Trailers, Insulated Tarps, Frost Removal / Ground Thawing Boilers
All Choice RentalsDrayton Valley, ABCANGenerators, Trailers, Aerial Equipment, General Oilfield Equipment, Pumps
Arctic Storm Oilfield Fort McMurray, ABCANOffroad, Trailer, Offroad Accessory
Auburn Rentals Edmonton, ABCANWell Site Trailers, Relocatable Structures, Field Accommodations, Oilfield Accomodations, Temporary Offices
Aveda Transportation and Energy ServicesCalgary, ABCAN, USARig Mats, 400 bbl Tanks, Light Towers, Generators, Rig Moving Service
Back Country CommunicationsBlackfalds, ABAB, BCTwo-way Radios, Rig Phones, Portable Towers and Cellular Repeater Boosters
Benchmark Data SolutionsCalgary, ABCANComplete Remote Voice, Data and Internet Communication, Fleet of Portable Communication Towers, Rig Communications, Remote Communication Services
Big Bear Energy RentalsSylvan Lake, ABABGenerator / Combo Units, Light Towers, Scrubbers, Emergency Showers, Trash pumps, Filter Units, Trailers
Blueline Oilfield RentalsBlairmore, ABABHeavy-Weight Drill Pipe, Floc Tank, 400BBL Tank, Pipe Racks, Pipe Tubs, Wheeled Loader, Rig Matting, Skidded Power Tower
Bulldog Equipment RentalsMannville, ABCANDouble Walled Invert Tanks, High and Low Side Shale Bins, Mix Bins, Track Hoe, Transfer Pumps, Rig Mats, Floc Tanks, 400 Barrel Tanks, Flare Tanks, Fire Extinguishers, Drive Over Сrossings, Poly Tanks, Gen Sets, Transformers, Trash Pumps
Calidad EquipmentEdmonton, ABCANIndustrial Pumps, Light Towers and Power Generators
Cambell Oilfield RentalsClairmont, ABCANCentrifuges, Wellsites, Frac Farms, Invert Farms, Picker Truck, Texas Bed Truck, Service Trucks
Canada Fire FoamEdmonton, ABCANFire Suppression Trailers
Canada SatelliteCalgary, ABCANSatellite Phones and Satellite Internet Devices
Canada TowersCalgary, ABCAN, USAMobile Communications Towers, Mobile Light Towers, Mobile Power Products
Canlee CommunicationsCrossfield, ABCANIndustrial Intercom Systems
Cardinal Oilfield ServicesPalestine, TXTXIron & Connections, Manifolds, Flarestacks, Separators, NACE Certified Equipment, Environmental Berms
Cartel Energy ServicesCalgary, ABCANSurface, Communications, Pipes
Catch & Release Oilfield RentalsMedicine Hat, ABCANPortable Fluid Recovery Tank, Site Safety Units, Light Towers, Trailer Rentals, Instumentation and Test Iron, Flare Stacks
Cinch Oilfield HaulingGrande Prairie, ABCANOilfield Transport, Rig Mats, Rentals, Pickers, Winch Tractors, Winchless Tractors, Tridem High & Lowboys, Texax Beds, 400BBL Tanks, Bed Trucks
Circle T Service & RentalRed Deer, ABCAN, USASwivels, Accumulators, Tanks, Gauges, BOP Rams, Choke Manifolds and more.
Communications Group LethbridgeLethbridge, ABCANVehicle Mounted Radio Equipment, Antennas and Accessories
Complete Oilfield ServicesCalgary, ABABAnnulars, 400 BBL Tanks, BOP & Spools, Casing Scrappers, Drill Collars, Drill Pipe, Elevators, Flare Tanks, Floc Tanks, Flygt Pumps, Generators, Hotshot Deliveries, Light Towers, Pipe Racks, Premix Tanks, Rig Matting, Shale Tanks, Shock Subs, Slips, Stabilizers, Tongs & Power Tongs, Trash Pumps, Tubing, Well-Site Trailers
Cordy Oilfield ServicesCalgary, ABCANTanks, Construction and Environmental Equipment
Cuttings Edge EnergyLeduc, ABABBundled Systems, Enviro Products, Mud Vacuum, Wash Gun, Sample Washer, Fire Extinguishers, Sorb Roll, Combo Unit, Shale Dryer, Shale Auger, Tanks, Light Towers, Transformers, Excavators, Well Site Trailers
CYA RentalsSylvan Lake, ABABGenerators, Light Towers, Emergency Showers, Diesel Fuel Tanks, Sewage and Waste Water Storage, Telecom Equipment
D&D Oilfield RentalsRedcliff, ABCANAnnulars, Downhole Tools, Generators, Handling Equipment, Light Towers, Pipe Equipment, Pumps, Tanks, Trucks & Trailers, Wellhead Accessories, Wellsite Accommodations, Other Equipment
Dakota Rental ServicesGrande Prairie, ABCANLoaders, High Side Shale/Mixing Tanks, Floc Tanks, Low Side Shale Tanks, Flare Tanks, 400 BBL Tanks, Matting, Fuel Tanks, Light Towers, Fire Extinguishers
DataDrill CommunicationsCalgary, ABCANSatellite Phones, Wireless Intercoms, Laptop Packages, 2-Way Radio, Cellular, Portable Towers
Deran Oilfield Services Lac La Biche, ABAB400 BBL Tanks, Floc Tanks, Shale Bins, Light Towers, Pumps, Boilers, Genset Standby Engine Generators, Rig Matting, Blow Back Tanks, Pressure Vessels
Ditmarsia HoldingsFort St. John, BCCANBed Trucks, Pickers, Tractors, Box Trucks, Gravel Trailers, Pipe Trailers, Pipe Racks, Rig Mats, Loaders, Excavators, Dozers, Graders
Drive Rental CorpRed Deer, ABCAN, USAFlameless Heaters, Turbine Heaters
DV RentalsDrayton Valley, ABCANWashcar trailers, portable toilets, skid steers, excavators, heaters, light towers, generators, scaffolding, hoist & lifts, variety of construction grade power tools, miscellaneous inventory to support oil field and construction activities, 20-40 yard garbage bins, back hoes, trenchers, trailers, insulated tarps, variety of pumps, chainsaws & accessories, floor saw, Hilti guns, Genie booms, scissor lifts, Skyjack zoom booms, compressors, augers, concrete drilling & finishing, compaction equipment, fans, jack stands, flange spreaders, pressure washers, signs, survey equipment, welding equipment, wrenches and sockets.
Ecoquip Rentals and SalesCalgary, ABCANPump Jacks
Edson AnchorsEdson, ABABAnchors, Office Trailers, Sea Can, Environmental Trailer and Bins, Light Towers
Electrogas MonitorsRed Deer, ABCANGas Detectors, Personal 4-Gas Monitors, Area Gas Detection, Self-Contained Breathing Apparatuses (SCBA)
Eliminator Downhole ToolsEdmonton, ABCAN, AUSDrilling Motors, Drill Collars, Breakout Machine, Dynamometer
Enerstar Rentals & Services Calgary, ABCANWell-site Trailers, Accommodations, Sewage Containment Tanks, Potable Water Tanks
EnviroEx Oilfield Rentals and SalesBrooks, ABCANTractors, Pickers, Loader, Tubular, Trailers
Evergreen Energy Tank RentalsRed Deer, ABCANHorizontal Frac Tanks, Light Towers, Light Plant with 2000 Liter Fuel Tank & Pump, 400 BBL Storage Tanks, Frac Manifolds, Environmental Containment Systems, Portable Fuel Storage Tanks with Transfer Pump & Hose, Light Plants with 3000 L Fuel Tank, Envirobins, Rig Mats, Sewage Tanks, Command Centers, Office Trailers, Double Engineer Wellsite
Flo-Back Equipment RentalsNisku, BACANFlare Knock-Out Drums, Flare Line Skids, Flare Stacks, Flowline / Manifolds, Line Heaters, Pressurized Storage, Test Separators, Well Head Separators
Fort McKay EnterprisesFort McMurray, ABCANGeneral Oilfield Equipment, Light Plants, Water Pumps and Wellsite Trailers, Tanks, Man Lifts
Global Energy ServicesCalgary, ABCANCell Repeaters / Boosters, Rig Intercom Systems, Satellite Communications Solutions, Remote Camp Communications, Portable Towers, Computer Packages, Portable Gas Detection
GRSCalgary, ABCANHydrocarbon & CO2 Gas Analyzer, Geostrip System, Sample Bags
GS EquipmentRed Deer, ABABOffice Trailers, Well Site Trailers, Light Towers, Combo Units, Rig Mats, Pumps, Skid Steer, Wheel Loader, Suction Manifold
Harpoon Equipment RentalsRed Deer, ABAB, BCCommunications, Weel Loaders, Pumps, Tanks, Fire Extinguishers, Wellsite Trailers, Matting
Hart Oilfield RentalsRocky Mountain House, ABAB, BCOffice Trailers, Command Centre, Combo Equipment, Module Transport, Light Towers, System Scaffolding, Other Equipment, Mats & Walkways, Bi-fuel Systems
HD Energy RentalsGrand Prairie, ABABBoilers, Heat Exchangers, Project Lighting Skids, Light Towers, Safe Work Platforms, Combination Units, Mobile Sewage Containment, Mobile Recycle Units, 400 BBL Tanks, Matting, Well Site Accommodations, Heavy Hauling
Heat Oilfield RentalsClairmont, ABCAN, USAHigh Pressure Separators, Dual Stage Manifolds, Low Pressure Separators, Line Heaters, Pipe Skids, Flare Stacks, ESD’s, Dual Junk Catchers, Vertical Sand Catchers
Hudson RentalsCromer, MBMB400 BBL Tanks, Slope Bottom Tanks, Frac tanks
Hurst Anchors & Rentals Grande Prairie, ABAB, BCBoilers, Light Towers, Anchors, Trailers, Recycle Units, Gate Valves, Fuel Skids/Tanks, Mobile Platform, Pressure Tester, Genie Lifts
Ignite Rental SolutionsCalgary, ABABAerial & Lifting, Air Compressors & Accessories, Air Conditioning, Cleaning, Compaction, Concrete Equipment, Drying, Excavators, Fans & Air Movers, Fencing, Fleet, Fluid Tanks, Fuel Storage, Heaters, Heavy Excavating, Heavy Transport, Humidity Control, Lighting Equipment, Mobile Structures, Moving, Plumbing & Pipefitting, Power, Pumps & Accessories, Remediation Equipment, Rig & Access Matting, Tools, Welding
IronCreek Oilfield RentalsCochrane, ABCAN400bbl Storage Tanks, Frac Storage Tanks, Rig Matting, Light Towers, Trash and Flygt Pumps, Shale Bins, Excavator Packages, Fire Suppression, as well as many other rental items
Jimbob Rentals (2000)Rocky Mountain House, ABCANWellsites, Surface Tanks, Holding Tanks, Shale Tanks, Incinerator/Ash, Light Tower, Enviro Bin, Garbage Bin, Fuel Skid, Fire Suppression Unit, Rig Mats
Kaysar OilfieldGrande Prairie, ABAB, BCGenerators, Light Towers, Portable Fuel Skids, Rig Mats, Pipe Racks, Catwalks, Portable Office Trailers, Trash Pumps, 400bbl Tanks, Combo Enviro Units, Washroom Units
Ketek GroupEdmonton, ABCANBuildings, Fluid Handling, Fuel Storage, Heating, Matting, Power & Light, Pumps, Sewage Waste, Solid Waste, Tanks, Water Management
Little Guy Oilfield RentalsLeduc, ABCANRig Mats, Dura Decks, Mega Decks, Light Towers, Ground Thaw/ Heating Equipment
Longhorn Oilfield ServicesDawson Creek, BCAB, BCMan Lifts, Holding Tanks, Waste Water Holding Tanks, Enviro Trailers, Office Trailers, Generators, Washroom Trailers, Picker Trucks
Lory Oilfield RentalsNisku, ABCANAccumulators and Closing Units, Bit Breakers and Bit Guides, Blowout Preventer Accessories, Blowout Preventer, Casing Cutters, Casing Scraper, Changeover Couplings, Chicksans, Circulating Assembly, Collars, Bull Plugs, Nipples, Depthometer, Drifts, Drill Collars, Drill Pipe, Tubing, Elevators, Flanges, Gauges, Hammer Unions, Heaters, Hooks, Hoses, Kellys, Mills, Mud Can, Pipe Buggy, Pipe Racks, Catwalks, Pipe Tubs, Power Subs, Pumps, Safety Clamp, Single Joint Pickup, Slips, Spider Plates, Spiders, Spools, Stabbing Guides, Stabilizers, Substitutes, Sucker Rod Tools, Swabbing Equipment, Swages, Swivels, Tanks, Testing Plugs, Tongs, Tubing Bearings, Valves, Weight Indicators
McClelland Oilfield RentalsGrande Prairie, ABCANAccumulator, BIT Breaker, Blowout Prevener, Camlocks, Casing Cutters, Casing Scrapers, Catwalks, Chokes, Collars, Depthometer, Drifts, Drill Pipe and Tubing, Drill Collars, Elevator Links, Elevators, Flanges, Adapters, Spool and Accessories, Floats, Flow Provers, Hoses, Kelly Drive Busing, Light Palnts, Matting, Mud Can, Pipe Racks, Power Swivels, Pup Joints, Safety Clamps, Other Surface Equipment
Monster RentalsRed Deer, ABCANCombo Trailers and Clycol Heating Solutions
Mustang RentalsFort St. John, BCAB, BC400 BBL Tanks, Flare Tanks, Floc Tanks, Rig Mats, Fuel Skids, Pipe Racks, Grated Walkway Mats, Light Towers, Generators, Camp Garbage Bins, Rig Enviro Bins, Sewage Collections Systems, Double Ender Wellsite Trailers, Medic/Security Trailer, Low & High Side Shale Bins, Wellsite Trailers
New Beginning Oilfield ServicesFairview, ABAB, BCGenerators, Texas Camp/Control Center, Shock Tools, Stabilizers, 3 Point Reamers, Kelly Saver Subs, Hydraulic Mechanical Jars
Normandeau RentalsFort Nelson, BCCANLight Towers 6kw, 8kw & 20kw, Generators 2000 Watt to 100kw, Loaders – IT38 and 930, Telescopic Handlers, Ariel Work Platforms, Excavators and Mini Excavators – 35D to 330CL, Skidsteer, Light Stands, Portable Bridges, Bit Shacks – 24ft to 40ft, Heaters – 55,000 BTU to 420,000 BTU, Air Compressors – 185 CFM – 250 CFM, Packer, Bobcat Tool Cat 5600, John Deere 333D Skid Steer
Northen Source RentalsSt. Paul, ABABRig Mats, Shack Grating Platforms, Tringular Pipe Racks, Front End Loader, Light Towers, Generators, Pumps
NorthstarClairmont, ABCANPile Driving, Screw Piles, Helical Piles and Bridge Construction
Northwell RentalsLloydminster, ABCANAccumulators, BOPs, Catwalks, HomeFeat, Power Swivels, Spools, Tongs, Valves
Nu-Northern Tractor RentalsClairmont, ABAB, BCLow Ground Pressure Equipment, Tractors, Trailers, Logs, Rig Mats, Shale Bins
Oil Boss RentalsRocky Mountain House, ABCANPumps, C-Can Building, Fire Suppression/Water Unit, Elevated Work Platforms, Command Centres, Office Trailers, Light Towers, Generators, Compressor, Portable Radios, Cellular Repeaters, Rig Mats, Heater Trailer, Electric Heaters, Variable Reach Rough Terrain Forklift, Hydraulic Mini Excavator, Tampers
OVERTIME RentalsCalgary, ABCANPipes, Pipe Racks, Pipe Tubs, Drill Pipes, Bins, Tanks, Containers
OilKat Energy ServicesEdson, ABABPicker Trucks, Light Towers, ETVs, Fire Suppressions, Wellhead Cutout Mats, Thread Washers, Safety Mats
P.W. RentalsFairview, ABCANTrailers
Peace Country RentalsFort St John, BCBCHeaters, Pumps & Hoses, Skid Steer, Lifts, Forklifts, Generators, Diesel High Pressure, Diesel Regular Pressure, Saws
Platinum CommunicationseCochrane, ABCANSite Internet, Telecom Services // Call 403-301-4592
Prax EnterprisesSlave Lake, ABABExcavators, Fuel Tank, Generators, Genie Lift, Light Towers, Rig Matts, Sea Can, Skid Steer, Star Picker, Tilt Decks, Toilets, Trailers, Waste Disposal, Water Pumps
Prospector Energy ServicesBezanson, ABCANExcavators, Fire Extinguishers, Flare Tanks, Generators, Hevi Wate Drill Pipe, Invert Tank Farms, Rig Matting, Shale Bins, Shale Dryer, Tow Cats
Provincial RentalsGrande Prairie, ABABPipelayers, Excavators, Dozers, Graders, Loaders, Scrapers, Articulated trucks, Compactors
R&B Oilfield RentalsGrande Prairie, ABCANWhale Tanks, Diesel Tank Generators, Evaporator Tanks, Shale Bins, Flock Tanks, Pipe Racks, Rig Mats
Rant Oilfield Rentals & ServicesCalgary, ABCANHevi-Wate Drill Pipe, Drill Pipe, Pipe Tubs, Pipe Racks, Rig Matting and Tanks, Medic Shacks, Mini-Clinics and Office Trailers
Raven Oilfield Rentals Fort St.John, BCCANExploration, Production, Construction and Pipeline Equipment
Redneck Oilfield ServicesFort St. John, BCBCInvert Equipment, Tanks, Well Site Trailers, Waste Management Equipment, Track Hoe Systems, Generators, Rig Mats, Low Side Shale Bins, Pipe Racks, Pumps
Revcon Oilfield ConstructorsEdmonton, ABCAN400BBL Tanks
Richfield Equipment LimitedCalgary, ABCANCentrifuge, Injection Unit, Mud Vacuums, Polyshears, Shale Dryer, Tanks, Wash Guns
Rig RentalsWhitecourt, ABCANLight Towers, Mobile Offices, Rig Mats, Mobile Enviro Bin / Toilet, Frac Tanks, Mobile Fire Suppresion Units
Rig Service ToolsEdmonton, ABCANTubular
Rigless RentalsCalgary, ABCANMobile Elevating Platforms, Heavy Weight Drill Pipe, Generators
RigSat CommunicationsCalgary, ABCANRig Gas Detection Systems, Wireless Rig Intercoms, Cellular Communication, Satellite Communications, Computer Management
Rigstar CommunicationsCalgary, ABCANSatellite Phones, Wireless Intercoms, Laptop Packages, 2-Way Radio, Cellular Boosters, Portable Towers, Data Centre, Last Mile
Communication, Video Analytics, Wireless Internet
Rockwater Energy SolutionsHouston, TXCAN, USAFrac Tanks, Fuel Tanks, Sewage Tanks, Potable Water Tanks
RT RentalsGrande Prairie, ABCANRig Matting, Access Matting, Light Towers, Cat Walks, Pipe Racks, Shale Bins, Floc Tanks, Fuel Skids, Berm Packages, 400-bbl Tanks, Combo Units, Gate Valves, and Manifolds
Savage OilfieldGrande Prairie, ABABFlare Tanks, 400BBL Tanks, Refuse Containers, Pumps, Flock Tanks, Shale Bins, Cement Return Bins, Matting
Shack Vac​Redcliff, ABCANSewage Disposal Systems
Silvertip RentalsSlave Lake, ABABSurface Equipment, Drill Equipment
Source Energy Sales & RentalsRed Deer, ABAB, BCOilfield Equipment
Spur Oilfield ServicesLeduc, ABCANGenerators, Injection Tanks, Shearing Tanks, Transfomers, Sub Panels, Tank, Rig Matting, Pumps
Star Valley Oilfield ServiceCalgary, ABCANDrill Pipes, High Torque Connections, Flock Tank, Shale Bin Combo Units, High Wall Shale Bins, Light Towers, Matting, 400 BBl Tanks, Pipe Racks, Low Wall Floc Tank
STRAD Energy serviceCalgary, ABCAN, USASurface Equipment, Environmental and Access Matting, Drill Pipes
TAK RentalsRed Deer, ABABGoliath, Water Sewer Unit, Fuel Storage Unit, Power Storage Unit, Waste Trailer, Roughneck & Day Shacks, Communication Systems, Communication Towers, Eng/Geo Command Centre, Frac Heads & Manifolds, Generators, Light Towers, Pipe Racks, Portable Sewer Box’s, Rig & Access Matting, Sewer Storages, Working Platform
Terra Core RentalsAcheson, ABABWellsite Trailers, Light Towers, generators, Trash Pumps, matting, Boilers, Loaders
TerraPro GroupSherwood Park, ABCANRig Mats, Swamp Mats, Access Mats
Terroco Oilfield ServicesRed Deer, ABCANRig Camps, Boilers, Compressors, Centrifuge Units, Peerless three-stage Pump, Invert Manifolds and Pumps, Well Site Trailers, Frac Manifolds, Tanks, Heat Exchangers
Thunder Oilfield ServicesFort St. John, BCAB, BCFuel Tanks, Cargo Trailers, Cell Booster Towers, Light Towers, Filter Units, Rig Mats, Combo Trailers, Enviro Shacks, Bathrooms, Gen Sets, Radios, Quads
TKO RentalsDrayton Valley, ABABBoilers, Heat Exchangers, Accumulators, Catwalks, Rig Matting, Flameless Heaters, Fuel Skids, Light Towers, Skid Generators, Trailers, Handling Equipment and Accessories
TNT Energy ServicesAirdrie, ABCANRig Mats, Swamp Mats, Fabrication
TOG SystemsValhalla Centre, ABCANCellular Boosters (BDAS), Mobile Communications Platform, Integrated Communications System (ICS), Communications Towers, Two-way Radios, Computer Package
TopHand RentalsRed Deer, ABABCentrifuges, Hevy Wate Drill Pipes
Total Oilfield RentalsCalgary, ABCANTanks, Drilling, Completion and Production Equipment
TRAC Energy ServicesNisku, ABCANAccumulators, Blowout Preventers, Blowout Preventers Rams, Catwalks, Circulating Head, Collars, Bull Plugs & Nipples, Elevator Links, Elevators, Flanges, Adapters, Spools, Generators, Inside B.O.P.S., Light Tower, Matting, Mud Cans, Pipe Racks, Power Swivel, Pumps, Pup Joints, Safety Clamps, Slips (Rotary), Spiders & Slips, Spiders and Plates, Stabbing Guides, Tanks, Tongs, Tubing Drifts, Valves, Mobile Trailers, Downhole Equipment
Trilogy OilfieldProvost, ABCANWell Сontrol Equipment, Pipe Handling Tools, Drilling Support Tools
Tryton Rentals (Essential Energy Services)Nisku, ABCANDrill Pipes, Drill Collars, Rotary Substitutes, Slips, Elevators, Mud Saver Valves, Blowout Preventers
Tyko Energy ServicestflCalgary, ABCANVoice, Data and Video, Satellite Services, Field Desktop/Laptop Packages, Сell Phone Boosters, Wireless Rig Phone Systems and Two-way Radios
VertexetfglSherwood Park, ABCANWellsite Accommodations, Waste Management, Surface Rentals
Waste Treatment SolutionsNanton, ABABWastewater Treatment Systems, Light Towers, Loader
West OilfieldCalgary, ABCANLight Towers, Generators, Wellsite Shacks and Heaters
Westar Oilfield RentalsFort St John, BCCANDouble Ender Wellsites, Well Site Shacks, Mobile Offices, Support Equipment, Communication Towers, Generators, Combo Shacks
Westmen Oilfield RentalsRed Deer, ABCANOil Well Equipment, Supplies, Heavy Construction Equipment
Wild West Oilfield RentalsGrande Prairie, ABAB, BCTanks, Pilot Cars, Enviro Sheds, Garbadge Bins, Chemical Barrels, Rig Mats, Shale Bins, Pumps, Water House, Generators, Light Towers
Wrangler RentalsLeduc, ABCANFloc, Sloop & Centrifuge Combo Tanks, Oilfield Support Equipment, Trash, Flyght & Transfer Pumps, Oilfield Housing
Zedcor Oilfield RentalsAcheson, ABCANWellsite Accommodations, Light Towers, Tanks, Generators, Rig Mats, Trucking

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