Oilfield Rentals LinkedIn Group

RigER specializes in helping oilfield rental companies in Western Canada and USA to manage business, increase utilization, boost productivity and profitability.

We just organized new group at LinkedIn – Oilfield Rentals. It is networking group for Oil & Gas Rental Business Processionals.


We would like to build Oilfield Rentals Forum. Feel free to share stories about Oilfield Operations!

We will discuss different topics to help directors and managers develop rental operations and grow oilfield business:

  • Safety
  • Operation Management
  • Fleet Optimization Techniques
  • Oilfield Operations Best Practices
  • KPI for Oilfield Rentals
  • New Technology in Oil and Gas
  • Equipment Tracking and Assets Management
  • Financing and Leasing
  • Legal Aspects of Rental Business
  • Human Resources
  • Other

If you think that it will be interesting for you feel free to join us – Oilfield Rentals LinkedIn Group

Please keep the selling to a minimum. If you wish to post specials, links to your blog or other self-promoting posts, please post in the “Promotions” area of the group. Thank you!

See you in Oilfield Rentals LinkedIn Group!


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