3 Ways to Manage Oilfield Safety, Service and Rentals

Are you ready to boost your oilfield operations. See 3 ways to better Manage Oilfield Safety, Service and Rentals.

                   #1 – Cloud                      

Use cloud technology and manage oilfield operations anytime, everywhere!

Last month we did a massive update of RigER – Cloud Based Digital Oilfield.
Platform: Cloud and Mobile Versions were updated.

RigER Cloud 3.3 │ Release Focus: Oilfield Service │ August 31, 2016


Release features:

New Module: Oilfield Service

New Documents: Work Ticket with Equipment and Employees Service Hours

New Features: Email Reporting, Invoice Email Package

Other Improvements.


#2 – Mobile

Use your devise to get data from oilfield and speed up your operations!

We do our best to make RigER better and better every day.
We synchronised updates of Cloud and Mobile versions of RigER.

RigER Mobile 1.2 │ Release Focus: Oilfield Safety │ August 23, 2016


Release features:

New Module  – Safety

New Documents: Driver’s Daily Vehicle Inspection, JSA – Job Safety Analysis,
Hot Work Permit, Near Miss Report, Work Ticket

New Features: Digital Signature

Other User Experience Improvements

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#3 – Special Offer

Carpe Diem! See our limited time offer:


Designed for Easy Start

Best fit for Solo Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups and Small Companies with One User only

Basic Features to support Oilfield Service and Equipment Rentals

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All current users have received free update to RigER on September 1, 2016.
Our clients suggested most of improvements and new features.
Many Thanks!

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