Oilfield Service and Rentals Action Plan

RigER presents 2015 Oilfield Service and Rentals Action Plan.

2015 Canadian Winter Drilling Season is over. Drilling activity is 45% down from last year. For some of our clients sales are 70% down. Some oil companies cut drilling programs, others ask for significant discounts.

It’s not new for oilfield. We had that before. Experts say that this oil crisis is different from 1986, 1998, and 2008. Yes, it should be that way! Oil and Gas Industry develops in cycles. We have different industry structure, more advanced technology and experienced people now.

Many of our clients are facing significant issues as a result of the recent decline in commodity prices. We prepared the 2015 Oilfield Service and Rentals Action Plan which will be useful to your organization as you navigate the low price environment.


We stand for oilfield and believe that good times will come! Stay calm and have an Action Plan.

If you need any assistance with your Downturn Action plan feel free to conact us. Our approach will allow you to navigate the down-cycles and be better positioned for the up-cycles.

All questions on the Downturn Action Plan should be e-mailed to RigER Sales.


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