Oilfield Service Hours Tracking in RigER

We work hard to make RigER better and better every day. We are pleased to introduce new feature in RigER 4.0 – Employees Oilfield Service Hours Tracking.


Oilfield Service Hours T1

Employees Oilfield Service Hours Tracking designed to collect employee working hours and prepare report for payroll calculations. Working hours is tracking by employee, documents, and service. Actual hours can be entered in office via RigER Cloud or in the field by RigER Oilfield Mobile. Employees Hours Tracking feature available from RigER Cloud version 4.0141 and RigER Mobile Oilfield version 2.1

Oilfield Service Hours

RigER tracks different type of oilfield service hours: billable hours per service, payable hours per employee, overtime per employee. Every document has job start and end time, location start and end time. overtime hours and standby hours. Employees Oilfield Service Hours collected in Delivery Ticket for rentals, Field Ticket for service and Repair Ticket for equipment repairs. Total oilfield service hours for the month presented in employee hours report.


Oilfield Service Hours T2

Oilfield Rentals Job Hours at Delivery Ticket

Now oilfield rental and service companies are able to track their Field Technicians hours spent during the jobs and reimburse those costs from oil companies. Rental service hours should be added to Time tab in Delivery Ticket: payable hours, overtime, start and end of job, and time at location.



Oilfield Service Hours T3

Oilfield Service Hours at Field Ticket

Users can use similar approach for oilfield service jobs for individual field technician.

Oilfield Service Hours T5

Special Crew Section can be used for oilfield crew hours tracking: billable hours,, payable hours and overtime per employee.

Oilfield Service Hours T6

Oilfield Repair Hours at Repair Ticket

Repair hours can be entered directly to repair ticket.

Oilfield Service Hours T7

Oilfield Service Hours Report

Employee hours report generated based on delivery ticket, field ticket and repair ticket time information. You can find the report at oilfield service group:

Oilfield Service Hours T8

Employee hours report has 2 versions: full and short (employee and hours only). It’s easy to run and configure.

Oilfield Service Hours T9

Mobile Oilfield Service Hours Tracking

Field technicians and Crew Lead can enter information using RigER Mobile Oilfield which dramatically reduce workflow time and payroll calculations. Employees Oilfield Service Hours Tracking designed to collect employee working hours: billable hours, payable hours, overtime during field jobs. Data collected in Delivery Ticket, Field Ticket and Repair Ticket.

Oilfield Service Hours Mobile


New version of RigER Mobile Oilfield is available on the App Store and Google Play.



We would like to thank all our clients!


All users will received RigER 4.0 update on demand within next 2 weeks.
Give as a call to activate Oilfield Service Hours Tracking.


We constantly develop our software solution to set the highest standard in the industry and meet our clients requirements in full. Let us know if you have an idea how to make RigER better.

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Oilfield Service Hours Tracking Presentation

RigER Employees Hours Tracking

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