Rental Breaks in Oilfield Rentals

We are glad to present our new video. RigER: User Manual and Demo.Rental Breaks was published at RigER YouTube Channel.
​Today we celebrate 10th Demo and User Manual Video. Many Thanks to our friends from New West Video!

Today we will talk about temporary termination of rental period or rental breaks.Christmas Break is perfect example of rental breaks.

Let’s see how easy you can do it in RigER. Go to Oilfield Rentals, open Rental Break Note. To add a new break simply click the create button.
Enter Document Date, Client, location, stop date and start date. Stop date is the last day of rental period.

Click Fill out to see all equipment at the location. You can use Add button to add rental units manually.

Check serial numbers and post the document. Break period will be excluded from final rental invoice.


It’s very simple and easy. Just one clicks! Check the video.


We have a lot of different features in RigER. Please contact us to see full demo.


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