RigER 2.0 – We Boost Our Product to Boost Your Oilfield Rental Business

We are pleased to introduce new version of our product:

RigER 2.0 – We Boost Out Product to Boost Your Oilfield Rental Business!

We have invested our time to make new user interface.RigER_2.0_Oilfield_Rentals_Slide7

100% of our current users love that change!RigER_2.0_Oilfield_Rentals_Slide8

RigER 2.0 becomes All-in-One Solution for Enegry Service and Rentals Comanies:



We added 30+ new reports to help you better manage your service and rental businessRigER_2.0_Oilfield_Rentals_Slide10


RigER 2.0 is ready for US market:RigER_2.0_Oilfield_Rentals_Slide11

We are proud of our product!


Download full product presentataion here

RigER 2.0 – Boost Oilfield Rentals 2.0!

To seee all features please book a demo.

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