RigER 3.4 Oilfield Rentals Dashboard

We work hard to make RigER better and better every day. We are pleased to introduce RigER 3.4 – Oilfield Rentals Dashboard.

The world around us is constantly changing, it requires continuous development. In this day and age technology becomes extremely important.
The speed of technological transformation is so high that for business change means survival. And every day we have to adapt faster!

We have built a digital oilfield platform that makes our clients industry leaders. Our growth is allied with our clients’ and partners’ growth.
We change internally and help other businesses to change. North American oilfield service and rental companies trust RigER to run their operations.

We develop every day and want to do it with you!
Are you ready to boost your oilfield rentals?


Product: RigER Cloud  │ Release Focus: Oilfield Reports and Dashboards │ Release Date: November 14, 2016

We are very excited to launch the new version of our product – RigER 3.4 Oilfield Rentals Dashboard.

Release Features

New Dashboards: Oilfield Rentals Dashboard, Rental Dashboard and Inventory Ava liability Dashboard (Parts)

New Reports: Inventory On Hand,  Inventory Purchase, Inventory Sales

New Documents: Fast Purchase and Credit Memo

New Module: RigER Distribution

Improved User Experience and Product Usability


Oilfield Rentals Dashboard

The dashboard was in our product development map since beginning. It’s important milestone for our product development.
Now RigER becomes a real powerful management tool. Business owner, operation manager and dispatcher can see the BIG
picture of the business in one screen.

We combine following focus points and place it to the one dashboard:


We have to spent 3 weeks to design the dashboard and make it clear, simple and understandable.


And we did it!


Other improvements of this release: Items, Inventory Reports and RigER Distribution.

Rental Unit Card

We improved look of inventory card: New Interface, Item Revenue Diagram, Item Model, Qty of Serial Numbers
and Detailed View of Serial Numbers List.


Serial Number Card

We improved look of serial number card: Clear Interface,  Serial Number Owner.



Fast Purchase

Fast Purchase is a new document for fast entering past purchases, initial balances or for simple purchase transactions,
which not required PO approval procedure. It’s easy and very productive way to speed up purchase input: enter all data and
click Generate button. Purchase Order, Purchase Invoice and Bill of Loading will be generated and posted in seconds!slide8

Inventory Availability Dashboard

Another BIG feature of this update is inventory (Good and Materials) dashboards and reports.
Oilfield Inventory Availability Dashboard is combined with Rental Units Availability Dashboard.

User can fast switch the view via radio buttons RU/Parts.

Inventory Availability Dashboard present information about inventory on hand and prices.
User can find information about ordered items, POs and expected delivery date.


Oilfield Reports

We reviewed all reports and change style, improve and adjust them.
Oilfield Rentals Reports menu was sorted and organised by reports types and focus.
Users will see the difference

Inventory Reports

We add  following inventory reports: Inventory on Hand, Inventory Sales and Inventory Purchase.
Inventory Margin Report will be added soon as well.


Credit Memo

New document – Credit Memo


RigER Distribution









RigER Mobile was updated to version 1.3 to correspond RigER Cloud sync requirements.




New version of RigER Mobile is available on the App Store and Google Play.



RigER has Thin Client (for Computers and Laptops), Web Client (for any device) and Mobile Client.


We would like to thank all our clients!



All users will receive free update to RigER version 3.4 on demand within next 2 months.
Give as a call to order your update.





Any comments, ideas and suggestions are highly appreciated!





RigER 3.4 Oilfield Rental Dashboard


If you have any questions, book free demo now:
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