RigER 3.5 Rental Equipment Repairs

We work hard to make RigER better and better every day. We are pleased to introduce RigER 3.5 – Rental Equipment Repairs.

The world around us is constantly changing, it requires continuous development. In this day and age technology becomes extremely important.
The speed of technological transformation is so high that for business change means survival. And every day we have to adapt faster!

We have built a digital oilfield platform that makes our clients industry leaders. Our growth is allied with our clients’ and partners’ growth.
We change internally and help other businesses to change. North American oilfield service and rental companies trust RigER to run their operations.

We develop every day and want to do it with you!
Are you ready to boost your oilfield rentals?

Product: RigER Cloud  │ Release Focus: Rental Equipment Repairs │ Release Date: February 28, 2017

We are very excited to launch the new version of our product – RigER 3.5 Rental Equipment Repairs.

Release Features

New Features: Rental Equipment Repairs, Serial Number Status Colors, Document Status Colors, Automatic Email Notification

New Document: Repair Ticket

New Special Features: Disposal Operations, Assemblies, Inspections

Improved User Experience and Product Usability

Rental Equipment Repairs

We added new feature to RigER – Rental Equipment Repairs. Users can check equipment condition after the job and send broken equipment to repair.

Rental Equipment Repairs feature includes after job Rental Unit Conditions, Repair Location, Need Repair Status, Repair List Template,
Repair Ticket, Serial Number Repair History Report, and Repair Amounts in Rental Invoice.

After job Conditions: Good, Need Repair

Special Column added to Return delivery Ticket: Rental Units Conditions (Good, Need Repair, Sold and Lost).

Rental Unit Repair List Template

Rental Equipment Repair List used as preset for Repair Ticket auto generation. It’s easy and fast way to build Repair Ticket.

Repair Ticket

New document Repair Ticket allows to manage and track Rental Equipment Repairs.

Serial Number Repair History

Special Tab in Serial Number Card shows all Repairs. Rental Equipment Repair History Report and Need Repair Reports added as well.


Serial Number Status Colors

We do our best to make RigER convenient and informative. One of the step is visualisation:  color and forms differentiation.

User can sort serial numbers by status using fast filter in Rental Unit Card.

Serial Number Status  Colors:

Available (Green)

Deployed (Yellow)

At Location  (Orange)

Need Repair (Red)

Lost (Pink)

Sold (Blue)

No Status (Grey)

Document Status Colors

Document Status Color added to Document Journals with fast filters as well.
Same Document Status Colors used in RigER Mobile as document background.

Document Status  Colors:

Open  (Pink)

Sent (Yellow)

Signed (Blue)

Approved (Light Green)

Invoiced (Dark Green)

Closed (Grey)

Cancel (Black)

Automatic Email Notification

RigER can send emails automatically to internal and external recipients (clients) to inform about document status change.
It’s convenient, fast and easy way to inform colleges about new documents, confirmations, approvals, readiness,  etc.

Special Features

We build special industrial solutions for our clients.

Disposal Operations

Special Settings for Disposal/Landfill Service (Dumpsters’ Rental Operations).

Assemblies and Components

New Type of Rental Unit for Assemblies for one job. Used for Combo units.


  Special Module for Oilfield Inspection and Field Testing Services.





RigER Mobile was updated to version 1.5 to correspond RigER Cloud sync requirements.



New version of RigER Mobile is available on the App Store and Google Play.



RigER has Thin Client (for Computers and Laptops), Web Client (for any device) and Mobile Client.


We would like to thank all our clients!



All users will receive free update to RigER version 3.5 on February 28, 2017.
Give as a call to add necessary features.





Any comments, ideas and suggestions are highly appreciated!





RigER 3.5 Rental Equipment Repairs


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