RigER 3.6 Oilfield Maps

We work hard to make RigER better and better every day. We are pleased to introduce RigER 3.6 – Oilfield Maps.

RigER – Rig Equipment Rentals – Digital Oilfield Platform for Oil and Gas Service and Rental Companies.
RigER includes cloud and mobile applications and connects office and oilfield.
RigER manages full cycle of oilfield operations: from client service request, service schedule via field tickets to final service invoice.
RigER helps energy service and rental companies in Canada and USA boost oilfield service and rentals.

Product: RigER Cloud 3.6 & RigER Mobile 1.5  │ Release Focus: Oilfield Maps  │ Release Date: March 31, 2017

We are very excited to launch the new version of our product – RigER 3.6 Oilfield Maps.

Release Features

New Features: Location Geo Settings, Departments Geo Settings, RigER Mobile Location Geo Data

New Reports: Oilfield Service Map, Rental Units Map

Oilfield Maps is a great visual tool for energy service and equipment rentals operations dispatching and management.

Check if you have Oilfield maps in your RigER configuration (Go to Oilfield Rentals Menu => Tools).


RigER Geolocation Module

Geolocation Module should be active to access Oilfield Maps.
RigER Geolocation Module is available for RigER Enterprise Plan only.

Oilfield Service Map

The Oilfield Service Map presents all job locations for selected period: all, today, next week, last week, last month, etc.
Following data filters available for this map: Client, Filed Technician, Truck, Item.

Rental Units Map

The Rental Units Map presents rental units locations for selected date and time.
Following data filters available for this map: Rental Unit,  Serial Number, Rental Unit Status.


Geo Data added to Locations.

Location Coordinates

Client Location card and Department Card have latitude and longitude coordinates,  link to Google Maps, link to external map file.

Attitudinal map file can be uploaded as attachment to any location.

RigER Mobile: Locations

RigER Mobile App was updated to store Locations Geo data and , if necessary, save It from device GPS module.

New version of RigER Mobile is available on the App Store and Google Play.



We would like to thank all our clients!



All users will receive RigER 3.6 update on demand within next 2 weeks.
Give as a call to activate Oilfield Maps .






Any comments, ideas and suggestions are highly appreciated!



RigER 3.6 Oilfield Maps


If you have any questions, book free demo now:
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