RigER 6.0 – Midland: Features and Improvements

New release of Digital Oilfield Platform RigER 6.0 – Midland brings new features and 60+ improvements. 

RigER 6.0 – Midland Features:

•  Customized Home Page View
•  Oilfield Service Dispatch Dashboards
•  Employees Qualifications and Skills
•  Internal Job Ticket
•  Safety Check List
•  Integration with DocuSign

RigER 6.0 – Midland Improvements:​

•  60+ User Interface Changes and Improvements​
•  New Print Forms and New Reports ​

Oilfield Jobs Dispatching

RigER 6.0 – Midland is focusing on dispatching oilfield service and rentals operations. Now the ever-busy operations managers and dispatchers not only can see the full picture of their rental fleet and field personnel using the new Dispatch Dashboards, but also, with only two clicks, can assign the qualified people for the right jobs.

Home Page Setup 

RigER 6.0 – Midland has updated home page look with 3 new dashboard.

Home page is configurable and can be build from: 
existing dashboards
RU – Rental Units Availability​, 
UN –Unit Numbers Status​, 
Parts – Consumables Availability​, 
Modules – RigER Modules;
and new dispatching dashboards.

New Dashboards:

Dispatch Log – Dispatch Notes​
Dispatch RU – RU Availability and Calendar​
Dispatch FT – FT Availability and Calendar​

New dashboards help dispatchers to manage oilfield jobs, control field personnel, rental equipment and track dispatch log.

Employees Qualifications and Skills 

Employees Qualification and Skills feature track all Filed Technicians safety certificates numbers and expire dates. HR and Safety Officers can record all sensitive info about filed personnel.

We added 2 new reports: 
Qualifications to show full picture of employees’ qualifications
and Certificate Expires to control  certificate expire dates (next 30 days by default).

Internal Job Ticket

New document Internal Job Ticket records employees internal (non-billable) jobs. 

Internal employee hours allocated by departments, projects, tracks and job added to Employee Hours Reports.

Safety Module

RigER 6.0 – Midland has updated Safety Module. Near Miss Report Document, Documents’ Statuses and Control were improved.

RigER 6.0 – Midland New Safety Documents:

  • Safety Checklist Template​
  • Safety Checklists (customized)​
  • Hazard Assessment​
  • Checklist Reports​
  • Email Notifications​

RigER & DocuSign Integration

RigER designed for small and medium size energy service and equipment rental companies. As digital platform RigER includes: a cloud-based software, web and mobile applications. The system is  natively integrated with other applications, e.g. MS Office, QuickBooks, Sage, DocuSign and others) Flexible and highly customizable, RigER can be configured to meet specific needs of any oilfield service or rental business.

DocuSign Integration is available now! RigER users can send documents for eSignature to DocuSign. Signed documents will be at attached to electronic documents in RigER. 

Digital signature available for following documents: Rental Service Agreement (RSA), Delivery Ticket (DT), Field Ticket (FT),and Rental Invoice (RI). Documents can be send to DocuSign for the electronic signature. 

Then the authorize person sign the documents they will send back to RigER and storage there as attachments. It’s very easy and convenient!

DocuSign integration will streamline communications, speedup oilfield operations and cut processing time.

Rental Invoice New Print Forms

RigER 6.0 – Midland Features includes Rental Invoice (RI) 3 new print form and special settings.

Oilfield Job Stages show rentals and services grouped by job stage, for example: drilling and completion. 
Oilfield Job Package provide billing information grouping by packages, which condense rental invoice view.
Summery Invoice show rental and service fees by wells for multi well invoices.

QuickBooks Integration​: New Client Notification

RigER 6.0 – Midland Features includes new integration option for QuickBooks Desktop – New Client Notification.

The New Client Notification can inform by email accounting department about new client entered in RigER. This feature is very useful for new client on boarding and due diligence.

Unit Number Purchase Value and Total Cost of Ownership

Unit Number card has 2 new properties: Purchase Value and Total Cost of Ownership. 

Purchase Value and Total Cost of Ownership are main elements for Rental Units Financial Performance Analysis.

Summary and Schedule

RigER 6.0 – Midland major features are Oilfield Job Dispatching, Employees Qualification, Internal Job Ticket, Safety Check Lists, DocuSign Integration and Other Improvements. This update is free for all RigER current and new clients on demand.

Download and Links 

RigER 6.0 Midland Presentation Webinar

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