RigER Hot Keys

A hot key is a key or a combination of keys on a computer keyboard that, when pressed at one time, performs a task (such as starting an application) more quickly than by using a mouse or other input device. Hot keys are sometimes called shortcut keys. Hot keys are supported by many operating system and applications.

RigER Hot Keys

Usage of RigER Hot Keys can dramatically increase speed of data entering and improve overall user experience.


RigER Hot Keys List


Keyboard Shortcut                      Actions


F2                                                           Edit Active Object

F4                                                           Select Object

F9                                                           Copy Active Object

Del                                                          Mark / Unmark Object to Delete

Ins                                                          Create/Add New Object


Ctrl + N                                                  Create New Document

Ctrl + O                                                  Open Active Document

Ctrl + S                                                   Save Active Document

Ctrl + P                                                   Print Active Document

Ctrl + Shift + P                                      Print Active Document to Current Printer


Ctrl + C                                                  Copy to Clipboard

Ctrl + V                                                  Insert from Clipboard

Ctrl + H                                                  Replace


Ctrl + A                                                  Select All

Ctrl + Z                                                  Undo the Last Action

Ctrl + F                                                  Find


F3                                                           Find Next

Shift + F3                                              Find Previous

Ctrl + F12                                              Open Calculator


Alt + Enter                                            Open Properties

Ctrl + Alt + O                                        Open Message Window

Ctrl + Shift + Z                                     Close Message Window


Download List of RigER Hot Keys    2015-10-05_100834

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