RigER Mobile 1.2 Oilfield Safety

We work hard to make RigER better and Better every day. We are pleased to introduce RigER Mobile 1.2 – Oilfield Safety.


Release Focus: Oilfield Safety

Release Date: August 23, 2016

RigER is offering cost effective and highly customised solution to track rental operations, manage rental fleet, service dispatching and invoicing.

RigER (Rig Equipment Rentals) is oilfield operations management software. It designed for small and medium size oilfield rental
and energy servicing companies. Fully designed to meet all local oilfield requirements, the RigER configured for specific customer
needs and integrated with other software. RigER is a cloud-based software with affordable customisation and integration features.

We issued new mobile app release 1.2  and added Oilfield Safety Documents to RigER:  Daily Driver’s Vehicle Inspection, Hot Work Permit,
Job Safety Analysis, Near Miss Report, Work Ticket. We are constantly improving users’ experience and added following features: E-Signature.

Release features:

New Documents:  Vehicle Inspection, Hot Work Permit, Job Safety Analysis, Near Miss Report, Work Ticket

New Features:  Digital Signature, Improved Synchronisation with RigER Cloud, Improved User Experience


Oilfield Safety

Oilfield Safety is everyone’s responsibility.  Our clients are committed to conducting business in a manner that protects
the safety and health of their employees, others involved in their operations, customers, and the public.

We added Safety Documents to RigER Mobile to help our clients to keep oilfield safe.

Safety management is integrated part of oilfield operations and focuses on the concerns of major hazards impacting,
safety, environmental damage and business losses. Operating safely is the most basic feature of business efficiency
and has proven to improve productivity. Oilfield Safety is everyone’s responsibility.RigER_Mobile-12-z03

Driver’s Daily Vehicle Inspection

Drivers can use Mobile App and inspect their vehicles daily.  Pre-trip and post-trip inspections identify potential
vehicle equipment failures prompting preventive maintenance. All info immoderately appear at Safety Dashboard
and Mechanic task list.


Job Safety Analysis

Every Delivery Ticket and Work Ticket can be connected with Job Safety Analysis. Field Technician
can indemnify each basic step of the job, potential hazards and the safest way to do the job.


Hot Work Permit

Hot work permit before performing hot work helps to reduce the risk of starting a fire by welding or cutting
in areas where there are flammable or combustible materials.


Near Miss Report

Employers who track near misses, determine how and why they occurred, and take corrective action can prevent similar –
or more serious – incidents from happening in the future. Near Miss Report helps identify the potential hazards.



Oilfield Service

Oilfield Service Module was improved. New document added – Work Ticket, designed for tracking employees
and equipment service hours. Crew Lead can allocate hours between crew member.



All document in RigER Mobile App can be signed by client in oilfield.


RigER Mobile usability was improved as well.




New version of RigER Mobile is available on the App Store and Google Play.



Test it today! It’s easy to run a Demo!


RigER has Thin Client (for Computers and Laptops), Web Client (for any device) and Mobile Client.


We would like to thank all our clients!



All current users will receive free update
to RigER version 1.2 on August 23, 2016.




Any comments, ideas and suggestions are highly appreciated!





RigER Mobile 1.2 Oilfiled Safety – Presentation


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