RigER Mobile 1.3.5

RigER Mobile 1.3.5 is available on AppStore and GooglePlay.

We work hard to make our product better!

RigER Mobile New Features:

  • Background Colour Depends on Document Status;
  • Cloud Synchronisation Data Split by User;
  • Clear database feature for Inactive Users;
  • 30 days documents synchronisation period;
  • Cleaning Database Button;
  • Mobile App Terms of Use;
  • Inactive Users excluded from Crew FT list;
  • Sales Persons can not change prices in Rental Agreement;
  • Rental Agreement Numeration by Sales Reps fixed;
  • OFR/OFS buttons fixed in Rental Agreement;
  • Volume Pricing available;
  • Attached files visible in Rental Agreement, Delivery Ticket and Work Ticket;
  • other small improvements.

Thank you for using RigER!

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