RigER Mobile

We are pleased to introduce RigER Mobile and RigER Version 3.0.
New mobile apps connecting oilfield and office and allows to manage service and rentals any time, anywhere!



Release Focus: RigER Mobile Applications for iOS and Android

Release Date: February 29, 2016

As companies in the oil and gas industry face challenging economic times and are under pressure to remain competitive, the RigER is
offering cost effective and highly customized solution to track rental operations, manage rental fleet, service dispatching and invoicing.

RigER (Rig Equipment Rentals) is oilfield operations management software. It designed for small and medium size oilfield rental
and energy servicing companies. Fully designed to meet all local oilfield requirements, the RigER configured for specific customer
needs and integrated with other software. RigER is a cloud-based software with affordable customization and integration features.
This realise added mobile apps to reliable desktop and web applications.


Release features:

RigER Mobile iOS and Android Applications includes following Users’ Roles: Sales Person, Dispatcher and Field Technician.

Main configuration was adopted for mobile applications connections.  Other small improvements was done as well.


RigER Mobile

“We are pleased to introduce RigER Mobile and version 3.0 of our innovative oilfield rental software,” says Michael Maltsev,
CEO and founder of RigER.

“RigER Mobile Application was in our mind from our first product design concept. We knew 3 years ago that some day we would build it.
There were many conversations with clients and discussions inside our team about mobile application. It went through technical
challenges and 6 month ago decided to start the project. We spent 3 months to collect data and build the concept. Next 3 months we
made the Apps and prepared this update. I’m very proud of the result and want to congratulate our team. I’d like to our clients, testers,
friends and supporters,” he added.

“We defined three roles which can benefit most from mobile app usage: Sales Person, Dispatcher and Field Technician,” says Maltsev.



Sales Person can use RigER Mobile to track opportunities, prepare quotes for clients, generate rental and service agreements.
The user can print or email the documents to clients. Unlimited number of files can be uploaded and attached to every document.

Sales person can add to system new and edit existing rental agreements. This user can add and edit new client,
location, contact, rig, and item. Sales person has access to prices, rental unit’s availability and sales reports.


Field Technician will use RigER Mobile to eliminate amount of paper work and run digital delivery tickets.

“Digital tickets don’t get lost. From the second they’re created in RigER, their information is recorded and securely saved.
Losing tickets is impossible. Digital documents don’t have to be entered in multiple systems. There’s no need to waste time
doing tedious and error-prone data entry. By cutting out data entry, your business can run more efficiently,” says Maltsev.

At the delivery ticket field technician can find all necessary info to do the job: client, location, direction, contact person,
duration of the job, list of services and rental equipment. Field Technician has his own oilfield calendar and To-Do list.
He can use RigER Contact data to phone and email them directly. Digital delivery ticket can be send to client by one tap.

“The minute a field technician change delivery ticket status in RigER Mobile, that ticket is ready for dispatcher’s approval
and to invoice. There’s no need to wait field technician return to the office. With RigER, you could invoice before he’s even
made it back to his truck. RigER Mobile is rapid and reliable!’ Maltsev added.


Dispatcher is the main role in RigER. This role includes sales person and field technician rights. Dispatcher sees
availability of all resources, can manage field jobs, check oil field calendars and make to-do lists for field technicians.
Dispatcher check safety, quality, quantity compliance of the jobs and approves delivery tickets.
After that the accountant prepares rental and service invoices.



“We added popular reports to RigER Mobile: Deployed Rental Units, List of Rental Agreements, List of Delivery Tickets.
Other reports and dashboards are waiting for mobile adjustments and we are going to add them soon,” says Maltsev.



To connect mobile devices to RigER administrator should allow mobile connections an setup mobile users roles.
Go to settings, then users, open user and click to particular role.

Install RigER Mobile from App Story or Google Play and use standard settings to connect your device to RigER:
path to cloud database, login and password.



RigER Mobile applications available on App Store for iOS devices and on Google Play for Android deceives.
RigER Mobile Application can be highly customized. Windows App can be added upon request.


“We are offering RigER Mobile for existing client for free for first 3 months,” says Michael Maltsev.


Our clients suggested most of improvements and new features.
We would like to thank them and continue this conversation about new features, product customization and oilfield rentals.

All current users will receive free update
to RigER version 3.0 on March 4, 2016.




 RigER Mobile / RigER Version 3.0 is our next step to digital oilfield and digital enterprise.
RigER is leading oilfield rental software and we keep improve our product.

Any comments, ideas and suggestions are highly appreciated!





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RigER Mobile – Press Release


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