RigER Mobile Oilfield 2.3

RigER Mobile Oilfield 2.3 is available on AppStore and GooglePlay.
We update the RigER app frequently to give you a better tool that helps to manage field services and equipment rental operations.

RigER Mobile Oilfield connects office and field including remote sites with limited or no connectivity. This mobile application is designed for phones and tablets. The new 2.3 version is built to connect with new RigER platform – RigER Cloud 4.2+

RigER Mobile Oilfield is used in Energy Service and Equipment Rentals and supports Sales, Job Approvals, Dispatching and Field Operations.  The application users can attach photos and sign electronic documents, which makes sharing of the operational data between Office and Field more efficient and faster.

Mobile Oilfield

Mobile Oilfield

Benefits of using RigER Mobile Oilfield:

  • Removes the need for paper documents
  • Field ticket and delivery tickets are approved anytime and anywhere
  • Up to 70% reduction in operations and invoice cycle time
  • Zero lost tickets
  • Time saved chasing missing paperwork
  • Ensures consistent field ticket information
  • Visibility of spending in real-time
  • Status tracking of approvals
  • Frees up resources to focus on higher-value work
  • Significant reduction of approval time and DSO
  • Accurate invoicing – Get paid faster
  • Resolves issues faster.


New in RigER Mobile 2.3:
[+] New Dynamic Reporting – Active Locations to faster generate Return Delivery Ticket (DT)
[+] Selective Delivery Ticket generation based on Rental and Services Tabs in Rental Service Agreement (by default – all Rental Units and Services)
[+] Field Ticket (FT) ability to assign Field Technician to Service
[+] General Search in the List of Field Tickets
[+] External Attachments: ability to attach to DT, FT and RSA files from mobile device (photos, pictures, files, etc.)
[+] Print Forms (RSA, FT, DT) – the same as in RigER Cloud
[+] Usability, Stability and Performance Improvements and Minor Bug Fixes.

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RigER Digital Oilfield Platform, Mobile Oilfield

RigER Digital Oilfield Platform, Mobile Oilfield

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About RigER:

RigER is a digital oilfield platform for energy service and equipment rentals. RigER helps to run oilfield rental and service operations from the first client call to the final invoice.

Founded in Calgary, Alberta in 2012, RigER is dedicated to oilfield industry helping the men and women who bring to energy to our world. With innovative web and mobile apps, we make it easy for energy service professionals to streamline communication, optimize utilization, and remotely manage oilfield service and equipment rentals. By bringing next generation technology to one of the world’s most important industries, we help our customers improve their lives, their bottom lines, and their businesses.

RigER (Rig Equipment Rentals) makes oilfield service and rentals simple to manage from first client call to final invoice: client quote and rental agreement, service request, job schedule, rental fleet management, oilfield calendar, field tickets, delivery ticket, serial numbers tracking, performance analysis and more.

Apply a proactive approach to operations control and inventory management. Intuitive user interface makes it easy to understand how to manage your operations effectively.

Let a representative from RigER show you what the new generation of oilfield cloud and mobile technology has to offer. Schedule a live demo today to see how the powerful team of RigER Cloud, RigER Email, RigER Mobile, and RigER Web will take your business into the future.

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