RigER Mobile was Presented at New Tech Calgary Meetup

CALGARY, AB (March 10, 2016) – RigER, digital oilfield platform for energy service
and equipment rental companies, presented at New Tech Calgary March Meetup.


Michael Maltsev, CEO and Founder of RigER told about RigER new release 3.0
and RigER Mobile Applications, which connect office and oil fields.


“We are pleased to introduce RigER Mobile and version 3.0 of our innovative oilfield rental software,” says Maltsev.

“RigER Mobile Application was in our mind from our first product design concept. We knew 3 years ago
that some day we would build it. There were many conversations with clients and discussions inside our team
about mobile application. We spent 3 months to collect data and build the concept. Next 3 months we made
the Apps and prepared this update. I’m very proud of the result and want to congratulate our team.
I’d like to our clients, testers, friends and supporters,” he added.


New mobile iOS and Android apps are connecting sales, dispatchers and field technicians
to office and allows to manage service and rentals anytime, anywhere!


Michael Maltsev told about RigER 4-years history from idea to effective operation management system.




 RigER Mobile / RigER Version 3.0 is our next step to digital oilfield and digital enterprise.
RigER is leading oilfield rental software and we keep improve our product.

Read more about RigER Mobile and RigER Version 3.0.



RigER Real Story Presentation


RigER Mobile – Press Release


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