RigER New Platform Migration

RigER New Platform Migration

Letter from CEO

To all RigER Clients:

We do our best to make RigER #1 Digital Oilfield Platform for Energy Service in USA and Canada.

This year we celebrate 5 years of our product development. It was great time and I’d like to thank all our clients, vendors and employees for been a part of our success.

We came to massive update of RigER – RigER New Platform Migration

It is first time for us to move all clients’ databases to new version of 1C: Enterprise platform (v8.3.10): new server, new features, more security, better interfaces, etc.
Time dictates us to do this update – new versions of MS Windows, iOS and Android systems.

From end user perspective it will be some minor changes:

  • new thin client (to connect to new server);
  • improved interface (better look, easy navigate).

New thin client must be installed to every computer.

RigER Development Team will contact you soon to confirm migration schedule.
We will do migration client-by-client to be sure that all components work as they must and to make as convenient as possible.

We will do:

  • contact you this week about best time for migration;
  • convert you database to new version, move new database to new server;
  • generate new thin client for you database and sent link to every user by email;
  • help you to download and install new thin client (if needed);
  • check and monitor you database 1-3 days after migration.

We will continue to improve our product.

As always you are more than welcome to send me any comments, suggestions and ideas.

Appreciate you help!

Michael Maltsev

CEO and Founder of RigER

August 1, 2017


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