RigER Version 2.3 – Rental Units

We are pleased to introduce RigER Version 2.3 – Rental Units.  Our product becomes better and better each day. This new release is improving user experience, product usability and enhancing oilfield equipment tracking.




RigER version 2.3 biggest focus is on Rental Units, allowing oilfield managers and dispatchers to see detailed activity tracking and efficiently control rental fleet. You can easily preview oilfield equipment status and history directly from Rental Unit card. In the Assembly List, you can combine different units together and make bundles and rental kits. And much more!

Release Date: August 23, 2015.

Release Focus: Rental Units

Release features:

  • New Documents:
    • Service Delivery Ticket / Field Ticket
    • Assembly List and Rental Unit Kit
  • New look
    • Item Card
  • New features
    • Serial Number Color
    • Invoice Requirements Control
    • Rental Invoice Taxes
  • Other Improvements



Field Ticket / Service Delivery Ticket is a new type of Delivery Ticket. Service Delivery Ticket designed for service, inspection and other type of services. Service and Parts is primary table. Type column added to Rental Equipment table, which allow Field Technician to make replacement (Rig Up and Rig Out), install (Rig Up), or remount (Rig Out) oilfield equipment. Printing form remains without changes, but customized for specific service type.



Rental Unit Serial Number Color added to serial number description. All Rental Units Serial Number reports adjusted for sorting serial numbers by color. It’s optional feature. Administrator can find it at RigER Global Settings.




Assembly List used to combine several rental unit to kit or make bundle. New Rental Unit (Rental Unit Kit) and new unique Serial Number will appear in RigER database after posting Assembly List. All participating serial numbers will be tracked as one new serial number, necessary changes added to Rental Unit History Report. The document allows users to assemble and disassemble Rental Units.



Invoice requirements control allows accountants to check invoice package compliance before sending to the client. This customized checklist can track unlimited number of invoice fields, such us:

  • Client Name / Business Entity
  • Location / LSD
  • Field Ticket Number
  • Engineer Name, Phone and Email
  • AFE# / CC#
  • Official Stamp
  • GL#
  • PO# / SO# / WO#
  • Approver Code
  • Approver Name
  • Department Breakdown
  • Requisitioned Name
  • Route#
  • etc.

It’s optional feature. Administrator can find it at RigER Global Settings.


Sales Tax moved to invoice tables. Location tax scheme used by default. User can change tax scheme in each row. Invoice printing form adjusted.



RigER Version 2.3 is our next step to boost oilfield rentals. RigER is a leading Oilfield Rental Software and we keep improve our product. Our clients suggested most of improvements and new features. We would like to continue the conversation about new features, product customization and oilfield rentals.



There are some minor improvements in version 2.3 as well. Enjoy!



All current users will receive free update to RigER version 2.3 – Rental Units on August 23, 2015.

RigER – Boost Oilfield Rentals!

If you have any questions or would like to see more features, book free demo:
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