RigER Version 2.5 – Sub-Rent and Rental Breaks

We are pleased to introduce RigER Version 2.5 – Sub-Rent and Rental Breaks.  Our product becomes better and better each day. This new release is improving user experience, product usability and adding new features.


Sub Rental Subsystem has added to RigER. Version 2.5 biggest focus is on subrental operations and rental breaks.

Release Date: December 29, 2015

Release Focus: Sub-Rent and Rental Breaks


Release features:

  • New Documents:
    • Sub-Rent: Subrental Agreement
    • Sub-Rent: Subrental Ticket
    • Rental Break Note
  • New Reports
    • Sub-Rent: Subrental Days
    • Sub-Rent: Subrental Analysis
    • Rental Units History (Incl. Kit)
  • New Objects
    • Serial Number Status
    • Recurring Service Schedule
    • Field Technician Gantt Chart
    • US Sales Tax Import
  • New Look
    • Start Page
    • Assembly List
    • Delivery Ticket
  • New Roles
    • Seller
    • Manager (Sales)
  • Other Improvements


Oilfield Rental Companies try to find optimal way to run the business. Some of them sub rent equipment. RigER can help to track sub rental oilfield operations and make performance analysis.



Another big update is Rental Break Note. This feature required global changes in RigER configurations: rental units tracking and rental job invoicing. Rental Break Note allows companies to terminate rental period within Christmas Break.



Recurring Service Schedule added to RigER to dispatch periodic oilfield services. Dispatcher can choose period and frequency of service and schedule it for next period.



Jobs Gantt Chart has Field Technician Button now, which shows field technicians availability and incoming jobs.


We implemented Rental Units Serial Number Statuses to following documents: Bill of Lading, Delivery Ticket, Rental Break, Assembly List, Subrental Ticket.



Convenient MS Excel import template added to RigER to input US Sales Tax Data.



There are some other improvements in version 2.5 as well.






RigER version 2.5 is our next step to boost oilfield rentals. RigER is a leading oilfield rental software and we keep improve our product.
Our clients suggested most of improvements and new features. We would like to thank them and continue this conversation about
new features, product customization and oilfield rentals.

All current users will receive free update
to RigER version 2.5 on January 7, 2016.


RigER – Boost Oilfield Rentals!

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