RigER Version 2.6 – Oilfield Crews and Service Equipment Hours

We are pleased to introduce RigER Version 2.6 – Oilfield Crews and Service Equipment Hours.
Our product becomes better and better each day. This new release is improving user experience, product usability and adding new features.


Oilfield Crews and Service Equipment Hours Subsystems added to RigER.
Version 2.6 biggest focus is on Oilfield Crews, Service Equipment and Revenue Reports.

Release Date: January 29, 2016

Release Focus: Oilfield Crews and Service Equipment Hours

Release features:

New Documents: Rental Receipt

New Reports: Oilfield Crew, Service Equipment Hours, Rental Receipts,
Daily Oilfield Jobs Reports, Revenue Complex Analysis, Revenue TOP-10, Revenue ABC Analysis

New Objects: Crews, Crew Members, Rental Periods, Service Equipment, Extended Price List

Other Improvements


Oilfield Rental Companies usually provide additional or separate field services using different equipment.
RigER helps to track crew and equipment oilfield operations and make performance analysis.

Oilfield Crews

Oilfield equipment rentals usually include special services:
rig up, rig down, tune, setup, delivery, test, inspection, safety, water, electrical, welder, recertification, etc.
Field technicians do these field jobs in small companies. Big companies build crews.
We added oilfield crews to Delivery Tickets at RigER version 2.6.
Crew lead can enter individual service hours (billable and actual) for every job.
Total hours numbers for each crew member are presented in Crew Report.


Service equipment hours tracked by equipment serial numbers. Billable and actual hours for every job entered to Delivery Ticket.
Service Equipment Hours Report shows numbers for each equipment serial number.



Rental Receipt tracks short-term rentals: hourly, 4-hours, 3-days and so on.
Rental Receipt is a 3-in-1 combination of Rental Agreement, Delivery Ticket and Rental Invoice.
This document allows fast entering rentals and service.



To activate new modules in version 2.6 simple click to the proper box in Global Settings.


Another big update is Revenue Analysis and KPI Reports.
This feature required some changes in RigER configurations: rental receipts and rental job invoicing.

Daily Oilfield Job Report provides information about daily, month-to-date (MTD) and estimated or actual revenue
by client, location, rental agreement, type (rental, service & parts), unit and serial number. Contact info can be included to the report.



We build new complex reports to analyse all aspects of oilfield revenue: Rental Units, Services, Goods, Materials, Clients, Locations, Engineers, Area, Field Technicians and Trucks.



Revenue TOP-10 provide ABC revenue analysis of Rental Units, Services, Goods, Materials, Clients, Locations, Engineers, Area, Field Technicians and Trucks.

See the article about KPI for Oilfield Rentals.



Any comments, ideas and suggestions are highly appreciated!




RigER version 2.6 is our next step to boost oilfield rentals. RigER is leading oilfield rental software and we keep improve our product.
Our clients suggested most of improvements and new features. We would like to thank them and continue this conversation about
new features, product customization and oilfield rentals.

All current users will receive free update
to RigER version 2.6 on February 7, 2016.


RigER – Boost Oilfield Rentals!

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