RigER 3.2 Safety First

We do our best to make RigER better and Better every day. We are pleased to introduce RigER Safety release 3.2.
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Release Focus: Safety

Release Date: July 5, 2016

RigER is offering cost effective and highly customised solution to track rental operations, manage rental fleet, service dispatching and invoicing.

RigER (Rig Equipment Rentals) is oilfield operations management software. It designed for small and medium size oilfield rental
and energy servicing companies. Fully designed to meet all local oilfield requirements, the RigER configured for specific customer
needs and integrated with other software. RigER is a cloud-based software with affordable customisation and integration features.

We issued new release 3.2  and added Safety module to RigER:  Daily Driver’s Vehicle Inspection, Hot Work Permit, Job Safety Analysis,
Near Miss Report, Safety Dashboard and Reports, Safety Officer Role. We are constantly improving users’ experience and added following
features: Billing Cycle, Multi Business Entities, Billable Days, Work Ticket, Admin Settings, Advanced Integration, and other minor changes.RigER Safety First 3.2 2

Release features:

New Menu – Safety

New Documents:  Vehicle Inspection, Hot Work Permit, Job Safety Analysis, Near Miss Report

New Features:  Billing Cycle and Multi Business Entities

New Reports: Revenue by Truck

Improved Procedure: Invoice Generation Wizard, Accounting Software Integration (Sage 50 and QuickBooks)

Other User Experience Improvements was done as well.Safety Module - RigER - Oilfield

Safety First!

In the oil and gas industry we talk a lot about the importance of ‘getting everyone home safely at the end of the day’.
Our clients are committed to conducting business in a manner that protects the safety and health of their employees,
others involved in their operations, customers, and the public.

Safety management is integrated part of oilfield operations and focuses on the concerns of major hazards impacting,
safety, environmental damage and business losses. Operating safely is the most basic feature of business efficiency
and has proven to improve productivity.

Workplace safety is everyone’s responsibility.

We added Safety module to RigER to help our clients to keep oilfield safe.

Vehicle Inspection - RigER Safety First 3.2

Driver’s must inspect their vehicles daily.  Pre-trip and post-trip inspections identify potential vehicle equipment failures
prompting preventive maintenance. Through electronic  Driver’s Daily Vehicle Inspection all info immoderately appear
in Safety Dashboard and Mechanic task list.

Hot Work Permit - RigER Safety First 3.2

Working with ignition sources near flammable materials is referred to as “hot work.” Welding and cutting are examples
of hot work. Fires are often the result of the “quick five minute” job in areas not intended for welding or cutting. Getting
a hot work permit before performing hot work is just one of steps involved in a hot work management program that
helps to reduce the risk of starting a fire by welding or cutting in areas where there are flammable or combustible materials.

Job Safety Analysis - RigER - Oilfield Rental SoftwareEvery Delivery Ticket can be connected with Job Safety Analysis / Job Safety Assessment (JSA).
Safety officer and Manager will see all uncovered Delivery Tickets in real time at Safety Dashboard.

Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is a procedure which helps integrate accepted safety and health principles and
practices into a particular task or job operation.  In a JSA, each basic step of the job is to identify potential
hazards and to recommend the safest way to do the job. Other terms used to describe this procedure are
job hazard analysis (JHA) and job hazard breakdown.

Safety - Near Miss Report- RigER - Oilfield Rental Software

Near miss is an unplanned event that did not result in injury, illness or damage – but had the potential to do so.
Safety professionals say employers who track near misses, determine how and why they occurred, and take corrective
action can prevent similar – or more serious – incidents from happening in the future.

New Modules and Features

There are other new features in RigER release 3.2 : Billing Cycle, Billing Days, Multi Business Entities, Work Ticket,
Admin Settings, Advanced Integration and User Experience Improvements.

Billing Cycle - RigER - Oilfield Rental Software

Billing Cycle is the interval of time during which rental invoices are prepared. We have 4 types in RigER
of billing cycle: one time in advance, one time at completion, periodic in advance and periodic in arrears. 

A billing cycle is recurring and is most often set to repeat on a monthly basis. For example, a company
may send bills out on the first day of the month for rentals provided the previous month.

Billing cycle can be set as default for entire company, for specific client and for specific Rental Agreement.

Multi Business - RigER - Oilfield Rental Software

RigER allows to run several business entities in one database now. Default Business Entity is defined in settings.
Particular Business Entity can be selected in Rental Agreement and Rental Invoice.


Billable Days - RigER - Oilfield Rental Software

Billable Days can differ from Deployed Days. Actual Billable Days can be entered by user manually in Rental Invoice.

Settings - RigER - Oilfield Rental Software

Setting menu has new look and new easy to reach list of Administrator’s tools.

Integration - RigER - Oilfield Rental Software

Integration with Accounting Systems has two more levels of details: revenue classes and revenue items.

Default Values - RigER - Oilfield Rental Software

Default Values settings has new look.

Rental Invoice - RigER - Oilfield Rental Software

Delivery Ticket has new Invoice Generation Wizards:  Location Invoice (old one),
Rental Invoice (rental fee from this DT only), Service Invoice (Service and parts fee from DT only)
and Work Invoice (all fees from particular DT).

User Expirience - RigER - Oilfield Rental Software

We would like to thank them and continue this conversation about new features, product customisation and oilfield rentals.


All current users will receive free update
to RigER version 3.2 on July 5, 2016.




 RigER Mobile / RigER Version 3.2 is our next step to digital enterprise.
RigER is leading oilfield rental software and we keep improve our product.

Any comments, ideas and suggestions are highly appreciated!





RigER 3.2 Safety First – Presentation


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